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Photo by Louis Van Onna

Halfway, Where

Water color on paper

Color pencil

Gold powder

1.1m x 2m

Halfway where-yukari nakamichi.jpg

When I was a child, my friend told me there was a fairy living in a secret hide-out under the swimming pool of our school.

We could see the fairy's house by looking into a vent. When I looked into it from time to time, I felt I really could see the fairy.

In the work I refer to the imaginary nature of childhood.

Halfway where-yukari nakamichi2.jpg
Halfway where-yukari nakamichi.jpg
Halfway where-yukari nakamichi.jpg
halfwaywhere-yukari nakamichi.jpg

Photo by Louis Van Onna

This paintings are based on one parable, which was told by Buddha.
I depicted heaven and hell. The cow in the middle is suffering in this world. 

※ Exhibited "Halfway, where" The Grey Space In The Middle, The Hague, The Netherlands.

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