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Meet tiger and go on







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These butter tiger is standing wooden spoon. These are constantly melting by heat of light bulb above.


“There are all the Tigers coming back to eat me up! What shall I do?” *

Initially, the project revolved around a Hindu myth, which proclaims that every
occasion relates to every other, and all are perfectly balanced.

While labouring on it, the myth became eerily entangled with my life: My hand was severely wounded by a saw, just as the mythical king lost his hand to a tiger.

I kept asking myself:


How this occasion connects with others? How can my life ever become balanced?


I have not found the answer yet — but life goes on. So in my project, I decided
to punish the tiger: the mythical culprit. I found the way how to punish the tigers
from an old American children's book*.


In the book, the boy was almost eaten by tigers, but instead of being eaten, he let the tigers run around a tree. The tigers ran so fast, that they melted together and became butter. The boys mum then made a lot of pancakes, and they ate all of them up.


Good occasion, bad occasion, turning like a wheel. How do they link? What tigers
affect our lives? We do not know yet — so we can only go on.d



"That's good it occured!"
- Old Hindu myth


There once was a king and a minister.

The minister’s favorite phrase was: That’s good! it occurred!”


One day the king went out hunting together with the minister.
The king was attacked by a tiger, and his pinky was bitten off.

The minister said “That’s good it occurred!”
The king was upset so he fired the minister, and sent him to prison.

Once he was locked away, he said “That’s good it occurred!”.

Another day, the king went out hunting again.

The king was captured by a tribe.
They thought they could use the king as sacrifice in their ritual.
After they’d prepared the ritual, they realized that the king was missing one finger.

They stopped, because the sacrifice for their god should be of a perfect body.

After that the king was released from the tribe, the king apologised to the minister.

However the king didn't know what was good to be in prison for the minister.

The minister said "It was good that I was in prison.
If I hadn’t been fired, I would have gone to hunt with the King and I could have been killed as a sacrifice, because I am not injured. ”
The king was amazed.





Exhibited at KABK graduation show 2019

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