© 2019  by Yukari Nakamichi

Floating Roots

Cactus leaf

Plexiglass Water

Silk gut


5 × 5 × 5 cm per cube

More than 50 cubes are hanging form ceiling. Each box includes water and a succulent leaf.

I have moved several more times in my life.

Each time I brought with me a plant.

I was always encouraged by my plant when I see its growth.


People move from their home land by various reasons. Finding a place is difficult. Striking roots, sometimes in inhospitable surroundings – that is even more exasperating.



In Floating Roots, I take a hint from a succulent.

When a leaf departs from the plant, it strikes roots. In this installation, the translucent box contains nothing but water and a few leaves. Yet, even in this improvised surrounds, they begin rooting within weeks. Some plants can travel in space and time — and carry their roots with them. Like the current state of me, like the current state of us.

※ Selected by RÝMD,Reykjavík, Iceland

Exhibited "Root Border // Plant Defense", RÝMD,Reykjavík, Iceland