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Beautiful Sunset

Linocut, Silkscreen printing






A5 size

beautifulsunset-book(front2)-yukari naka
beautifulsunset-book(fullset)-yukari nak

The booklet "Beautiful Sunset" contains two booklets.

From left in the photo above, the book cover (Silkscreen print and Lino cut print), the booklet (Lino cut print A5 size),  the story booklet with envelope (Inkjet print A6 size). All booklets were printed 11 limited edition.

floating roots KABK-yukarinakamichi.jpg

I have moved several more times in my life.

Each time I brought with me a plant.

I was always encouraged by my plant when I see its growth.


People move from their home land by various reasons. Finding a place is difficult. Striking roots, sometimes in inhospitable surroundings – that is even more exasperating.



In Floating Roots, I take a hint from a succulent.

When a leaf departs from the plant, it strikes roots. In this installation, the translucent box contains nothing but water and a few leaves. Yet, even in this improvised surrounds, they begin rooting within weeks. Some plants can travel in space and time — and carry their roots with them. Like the current state of me, like the current state of us.

floating roots illustration-yukarinakami
floating roots floating roots RYMD.jpg

※ Selected by RÝMD,Reykjavík, Iceland

Exhibited "Root Border // Plant Defense", RÝMD,Reykjavík, Iceland

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